"All bodies should be celebrated, I choose to celebrate mine by being loud, proud, nude and kinky on the internet!"


Birthday: October 31st - Halloween Baby!
Location: Florida, USA
Weight & Measurements: MEMBERS ONLY
Favorite Foods: ALL FOOD! I'm a total foodie, but I especially love cheesecake and burgers.
Favorite Music: 80's dark wave and everything else!
Hobbies: Eating, cooking, singing, painting, and hanging with fat friends!
Turn-Ons: Sense of Humor, Adventurousness, Feederism
Turn-offs: Rudeness, Closed-Mindedness
Sexual Orientation: Deeply Bisexual
Status: Polyamorous
Between the Sheets, I like: Feederism & Threesomes!
Biggest Fantasy: Being fed until I can't move and fucked until I have orgasmed several times (and then being fed and fucked more!)